May 25 2006


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Katie showed this blog to Malika, facilitator of the womyn’s writers group, today. Malika suggested that we might want to add an FAQ, for those who aren’t familiar with homeschooling. I’ve decided to start by updating and moving over the information that was on my site, so as to keep all the homeschooling info in one place. The FAQ stuff will all be in one category, but we’ll also add some to the About page and make more pages to compile it all into one place.

May 25 2006

Writing Wednesday

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Today was the rescheduled date for Katie’s writing group, so off we went to one of our favorite bookstores.

Unfortunately – due to the rescheduling, I think – Katie was the only “member” who showed up. The group is just for high school “womyn,” and the only other person to attend was the facilitator. As it turns out, other people (not high schoolers) wandered in and out throughout the scheduled time. I think the girl got a lot of attention, which isn’t a bad thing at all. She missed seeing her sister writers, though.

I hung out in the front of the store, stitching. I was insanely early for a Stitch ‘n Bitch session scheduled there for 7, but I got a good two hours of time in on the Fairy Tale Sampler, along with some good conversation.

The official SnB was the first they’ve hosted. I was a little uncertain about going, as the focus was clearly on knitting. I needn’t have worried, as people were doing a variety of needlework.

Katie wrapped up the little test piece she was knitting, but she ran out of yarn. She picked out her next piece, though, which will require a trip to Nease’s. Oh no! The horrors! 😉

We got to educate at least four different people about homeschooling, too, which was a bonus. Meeting Katie is the best answer there is to the “S question,” as she’s clearly not lacking in social skills. We definitely left people with good impressions.

I think I’ll go to their next adult women’s writer’s group, as well. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything but non-fiction that I feel a bit odd, but Katie is a good influence.

May 23 2006

Arguments against homeschooling – too sheltered?

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I’m not worried about Katie being “too sheltered,” although that’s one of the “dangers of homeschooling” according to its opponents. This study is something to remember the next time someone brings up that old argument.

People who have suffered life’s hard knocks while growing up tend to be more gullible than those who have been more sheltered, startling new findings from the University of Leicester reveal.

A six-month study in the University’s School of Psychology found that rather than ‘toughening up’ individuals, adverse experiences in childhood and adolescence meant that these people were vulnerable to being mislead.

The research analysing results from 60 participants suggest that such people could, for example, be more open to suggestion in police interrogations or to be influenced by the media or advertising campaigns.

The study found that while some people may indeed become more ‘hard-nosed’ through adversity, the majority become less trusting of their own judgement.

From Science Daily via OmniBrain.

May 23 2006

SciFri: Bionics & Tissue Engineering

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I just listened to this epidsode of a podcast that I like a lot; Science Friday: Making Science Radioactive.

In this episode, several people are interviewed about things relating to the topic. Here’s some of the things that they discuss:

  • A milestone in science: Bladders are grown in labs and then put into children who were born with bladders that didn’t work very well.
  • If and when we’ll be able to grow other body parts such as other organs, or even limbs.
  • How expensive this might be.
  • Mechanical hands, arms, and legs.
  • Making humans so that they could actually regrow a lost limb, like creatures such as starfish are able to do.

It’s very interesting. Go check it out!

May 21 2006

Good homeschooling day

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Katarina went out with me and we drove around, taking pictures of things.

OK, that sounds vague, but really, Katarina enjoys taking pictures of things, and these things are highly random yet they all have certain qualities:

  1. They’re frequently old, cracked, rusted, or broken/trashed
  2. They can be cast in some sort of juxtapositional light
  3. They are frequently interesting even when very close up to them

We had a long discussion about gentrification and what that is after taking pictures of some places that were being remodeled and gentrified in particularly bad parts of town.

We had a lot of discussion, as well, about economies, especially the economy of Second Life, and also the economy of such virtual worlds as presented in Cory Doctorow’s short story, Anda’s Game, which was read as part of the Podiobook “New Media Voices.”

All in all, it rocked the house.

May 13 2006

Hello, world!

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Finally! It’s only taken us about 4 months from the decision to use a blog to keep up with what we’re doing in our homeschool endeavors in a public way (for benefit of the relatives) to actually get the site up!

Happily, we hadn’t mentioned that intention to said relatives. So Hi, ya’ll! Looky here!

Unlike our other journals, this is just about things we do specifically as homeschooling. Katie, I, and Sam will all be posting here from time to time.