Jul 29 2006

Separation anxiety

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And I don’t even know for sure if there’ll be a sep­a­ra­tion!

Katie may go to high school this year. We’ll know for sure very soon. I’ve done a tran­script for her, all offi­cial and every­thing.

Just the thought makes me jeal­ous of the time I have with her now, though. I’ve enjoyed these years togeth­er, and I don’t want them to end. I don’t want to clip her wings, of course, and I know my qualms are self­ish.

It isn’t as if I’ll have trou­ble find­ing things to do. It’s that Katie won’t be with me to do them.


Jul 20 2006


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How many of these ref­er­ences do you rec­og­nize?

I had a lit­tle trou­ble on the site when using Fire­fox, so you may need to try a dif­fer­ent brows­er if you can’t see the incred­i­ble map mur­al at first.

(Link updat­ed 24-Decem­ber-2007.)

Jul 06 2006

Today’s assignment

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Go watch Hans Rosling talk. You’ll need your sound on. If you ever need to give a pre­sen­ta­tion of any kind, it’s “how to do it” train­ing. You’ll enjoy it, and this is good stuff to know.