Jul 09 2012

Learning to Code, Part 2

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I’m still exploring CodeAcademy, which has proven to be a very interesting site.

I made it through their JavaScript Fundamentals and found that I wanted to know more, so I started on their Code Year project, which picks up right after that with JavaScript Conditionals. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a buggy lesson on the third section of that area and am waiting for a response from their people as to why my code is working and returning a correct answer but their automated system still says, “Oops! Try again.” From their Q&A forum, it seems that quite a few people have had trouble with that lesson.

So I decided to regroup and see what else they offer. I mentioned in the earlier post that I needed to update my HTML skills, so I moved on to that part of the site. I certainly learned to create web pages before CSS days, so I needed to learn a lot more about that, too, and I am. I’ve gotten through the HTML portion and the first CSS section, and I don’t see any of that as wasted time.

At this point I would happily recommend CodeAcademy to anyone who wants to learn the basics of creating a web site. I feel that I’m learning the basics of programming, but I’m not far enough along to opine about that bit yet. We’ll see whether or not that issue is resolved in a timely manner, first.

There are certainly other alternatives, but that’s what I’ve learned in the last 24 hours.

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