Apr 18 2016

Great List of Alternatives to Traditional Schooling

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33 Ways to Learn That Are Way Better Than Traditional Schooling

Nowadays, I am inclined to think, as Clark Aldrich writes, that “What a person learns in a classroom is how to be a person in a classroom.”

And, frankly, being a part of the broken, immoral education-industrial complex, the monolithic monopoly forever, futilely trying to reform itself isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The current school system is so f***ed up, it isn’t workable.

Apr 13 2016

Back to Learning Coding

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Hi! It’s been a while, I know. Katie is nearly finished with college now, but I’ve been busily learning online again!

  • Code Academy still rules as far as the resources available and the quality of the lessons they offer.
  • FreeCodeCamp is either newer or I’ve just discovered them. In any case, they’re great!
  • Skillcrush has some good resources, but as far as I can tell only the 10 day bootcamp, which is very basic, is free. Still, it would be a good introduction for a total beginner.
  • Dash is just about HTML, CSS and web design, but it’s quite nice.