Aug 05 2006

Online Writing Labs

So anyway, I meant to post about those Online Writing Labs (OWLs) that many colleges have put online.

Their contents and quality vary widely from one college to the next. They’re intended to help students write their papers at whatever time they get around to doing them, wherever they happen to be. Good ones include online access to reference tools such as dictionaries, thesauruses, and grammar usage guides, a link to the school’s library, any formatting standards established by his school in particular, and sometimes more specific material depending on the type of student expected to be using the OWL.

Unfortunately, some schools have slapped a list of links up on a set and called it an OWL. I won’t be recommending any of those pitiful little things.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine for others to use these sites. They aren’t behind the school’s firewalls, so they are a resource that has been generously shared with the public. If you find one especially helpful, consider sending an email to the site’s authors/editors, thanking them for their efforts

Jul 06 2006

Today’s assignment

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Go watch Hans Rosling talk. You’ll need your sound on. If you ever need to give a presentation of any kind, it’s “how to do it” training. You’ll enjoy it, and this is good stuff to know.