Sep 17 2006

Learning by Doing

An awesome article by Seed magazine (my current favorite magazine!) about learning by doing. Apparently that’s how we learn best. When we learn by doing, we retain the information we’ve learned much better than if it’s presented to us in an abstract way.

How We Know: What do an algebra teacher, Toyota and a classical musician have in common?

May 23 2006

SciFri: Bionics & Tissue Engineering

Tag:ChatOmbre @ 12:42

I just listened to this epidsode of a podcast that I like a lot; Science Friday: Making Science Radioactive.

In this episode, several people are interviewed about things relating to the topic. Here’s some of the things that they discuss:

  • A milestone in science: Bladders are grown in labs and then put into children who were born with bladders that didn’t work very well.
  • If and when we’ll be able to grow other body parts such as other organs, or even limbs.
  • How expensive this might be.
  • Mechanical hands, arms, and legs.
  • Making humans so that they could actually regrow a lost limb, like creatures such as starfish are able to do.

It’s very interesting. Go check it out!