Aug 10 2006

Geography is colorful – and a whole lot more

National Geograhic is leading the My Wonderful World campaign. There are suggestions for parents, kids, teens, and educators.

I wanna be a teen. I want to get a passport and a nifty little GPS unit and go geocaching and explore the world and learn other languages.

Jul 20 2006


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How many of these references do you recognize?

I had a little trouble on the site when using Firefox, so you may need to try a different browser if you can’t see the incredible map mural at first.

(Link updated 24-December-2007.)

May 21 2006

Good homeschooling day

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Katarina went out with me and we drove around, taking pictures of things.

OK, that sounds vague, but really, Katarina enjoys taking pictures of things, and these things are highly random yet they all have certain qualities:

  1. They’re frequently old, cracked, rusted, or broken/trashed
  2. They can be cast in some sort of juxtapositional light
  3. They are frequently interesting even when very close up to them

We had a long discussion about gentrification and what that is after taking pictures of some places that were being remodeled and gentrified in particularly bad parts of town.

We had a lot of discussion, as well, about economies, especially the economy of Second Life, and also the economy of such virtual worlds as presented in Cory Doctorow’s short story, Anda’s Game, which was read as part of the Podiobook “New Media Voices.”

All in all, it rocked the house.