Dec 19 2000

Why I Educated My Daughter at Home

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Why did I edu­cate my daugh­ter at home? The short answer:

  • Because I wanted her edu­cated rather than “schooled” into being a com­pla­cent, mind­less lit­tle fol­lower of man­dates from gov­ern­ment or any other authority.
  • Because I wanted her to have a bet­ter and more per­son­al­ized aca­d­e­mic edu­ca­tion than she’d get in pub­lic or pri­vate school.
  • Because I wanted her to be social­ized in a pos­i­tive way, rather than in an envi­ron­ment that is eerily famil­iar to any­one who has read Lord of the Flies.
  • Because she’s one of my favorite peo­ple in the world, and I enjoyed spend­ing time with her.

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