Dec 19 2000

Discounts for Homeschoolers

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Gen­er­al­ly speak­ing, most home­school­ing fam­i­lies have one adult at home full-time who works with the chil­dren, which means they have only one income in a soci­ety that expects us to have two incomes per house­hold. We often have to be very care­ful in how we spend our mon­ey, and get­ting dis­counts on the sup­plies need­ed for edu­cat­ing our fam­i­lies at home is won­der­ful.

This is not by any means an exhaus­tive list of retail­ers who do give dis­counts, but I have tried to col­lect the infor­ma­tion I’m aware of for retail­ers in the metro Atlanta area. If you have some­thing to add to this list, please com­ment!

Please be pre­pared with a copy of your dec­la­ra­tion of intent to prove that you’re a home­school­er. Some peo­ple make up let­ter­head for their home­school and cre­ate teacher and stu­dent iden­ti­fi­ca­tion cards for them­selves and their chil­dren. I’ve reduced a pho­to­copy of my dec­la­ra­tion of intent, lam­i­nat­ed it, and keep it in my wal­let so that it doesn’t get all worn and is eas­i­ly shown to peo­ple.

  • JoAnn Etc. does give a 10% dis­count to edu­ca­tors, includ­ing home­school­ers (and Sun­day School teach­ers, Scout leaders—you name it, they’ll prob­a­bly allow it), which is nice.
  • Barnes & Noble—20% dis­count. They own the B. Dal­ton chain, so it’s like­ly you can use their educator’s dis­count card in those stores, as well.
  • The Nature Company/Discovery Store—15% off nor­mal-priced items (no sale items), no tele­scopes or tele­scope parts.
  • Book­sAMil­lion—I’ve been told they will give educator’s dis­counts, but when I asked in their stores I was told that they don’t. I haven’t been in one of their stores in a while, but I’d be inter­est­ed in hear­ing what oth­ers have learned.
  • Hol­ly­wood Video—I found a site that says they’ll give you free rentals on movies you’re using for home­school­ing. Has any­one tried that?
  • PBS Store of Knowl­edge—apprent­ly there is a dis­count, I just couldn’t find out exact­ly how much it is.

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