Dec 19 2000

Resources for Liberal Home Educators

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Because it isn’t always easy for pagans and oth­ers who don’t fit the Chris­t­ian Coali­tion stereo­types to find home­school­ing resources and sup­port groups, I’ve col­lected a list of links to specif­i­cally for us. Some of these are local to Geor­gia or the Atlanta area, but most are not. There are other sites with far more com­pre­hen­sive lists of links for gen­eral home­school­ers, and I’m not going to try to repro­duce them. One of my favorites is Jon’s Home­school Resource Page.

Cre­ative Home Edu­ca­tors is a home­school­ing sup­port group that wel­comes all peo­ple in Geor­gia inter­ested in home edu­ca­tion (home­school­ers, after­school­ers, unschool­ers, dis­tance learn­ers, etc.) and earth-centered or pagan tra­di­tions. UUs, Quak­ers, and peo­ple from other lib­eral reli­gious tra­di­tions are wel­come as well. The group is intended to be a peace­ful forum, and mem­bers are expected be respect the diver­sity of other’s beliefs. We have reg­u­lar play dates, co-ops, and field trips.

Resource list:

This sec­tion con­tains infor­ma­tion that I think all home edu­ca­tors must know:

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