Dec 19 2000

Resources for Liberal Home Educators

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Because it isn’t always easy for pagans and others who don’t fit the Christian Coalition stereotypes to find homeschooling resources and support groups, I’ve collected a list of links to specifically for us. Some of these are local to Georgia or the Atlanta area, but most are not. There are other sites with far more comprehensive lists of links for general homeschoolers, and I’m not going to try to reproduce them. One of my favorites is Jon’s Homeschool Resource Page.

Creative Home Educators is a homeschooling support group that welcomes all people in Georgia interested in home education (homeschoolers, afterschoolers, unschoolers, distance learners, etc.) and earth-centered or pagan traditions. UUs, Quakers, and people from other liberal religious traditions are welcome as well. The group is intended to be a peaceful forum, and members are expected be respect the diversity of other’s beliefs. We have regular play dates, co-ops, and field trips.

Resource list:

This section contains information that I think all home educators must know:

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